A fanzine exploring the romantic pairing of Jean and Lisa from Genshin Impact!


April 25-May 25Interest Check
June 5-July 15Contributor Apps
August 15First Check-In
September 15Second Check-In
October 15Third Check-In
October 30Final Pieces Due
October 30-November 30Formatting
December 7 - January 7Pre-Orders
January 9thProduction
February 1stShipping


unii | Graphics Mod

Hi, I’m unii! My life revolves around drawing pretty girls😖I’ve had a bit of experience in other zines as a graphics and general mod, and have been a contributor for many as well! This zine is really a labor of love for us, and I hope everyone loves it as much as we do<3

lucia 😼 | Graphics Mod

hii i'm lucia! I'm a fanartist and probably maybe a jeanlisa appreciater... Unii got me interested in zines, so although this is my first time as a mod, (the things i do for jeanlisa...) i promise to do my best! >:o

kroalias | Formatting Mod

Hi I’m Cym and I’ll be handling formatting and shipping! When I’m not working on one of my many zines I’m probably off petting a cat somewhere

sharo | Art Mod

Hi I'm sharo! I am sleep deprived, and my joints ache every day. Jean and Lisa are very smart and pretty, they can yell at me whenever they want.

greyedscale | Finance & Shipping Mod

@greyedscaleheya everyone! i'm grey, and all it takes for me to join another fandom is the slightest mention of gays. jeanlisa really do be living in my head rent free, not that i'd ask them to pay a single mora (if anything, i'd pay them). you can find a list of my modding experience here.

matcha | General Mod

@GhostyTiredHello! Name’s Matcha and imma be the general mod for this zine! Jean why does your wife come home so much more than you do </3

natsumi | Social Media Mod

@natsumiHello~I’m Natsumi and I’ll be helping out with the social media posts for this zine! Excited to be here :Dpfp by @irkg_GI on twitter


What is this zine about?
This will be an au centric for-profit physical zine exploring the relationship of Jean Gunnhildr and Lisa Minci from the game Genshin Impact. The main zine will be pg-13 and SFW unless we get enough interest in an NSFW companion side zine!
What are the parameters of the zine?
We would like it to be AU centric, meaning that there must be some indication of canon divergence, though you may use Genshin locations, setting, and clothing (Lisa as an Outrider, or Jean as a Treasure Hoarder are all accepted examples of this). We accept trans headcanons and all depictions of LGBTQ+ identities <3
What does our PG-13 rating mean?
This means that some violence, suggestive situations, and language are accepted up to a certain degree, but cannot be explicit or overly gory. Pieces will be reviewed by the mods in order to make sure they conform to these guidelines.
Will other ships be allowed?
This zine is focused on the wlw relationship of JeanLisa– side ships are allowed but cannot be the focus of the piece.
How many artists are you looking for?
We are thinking about having 20-30 page artists, and around 5-10 merch artists depending on our interest check results!
How many writers are you looking for?
We would like to invite around 5-10 writers depending on our interest check results!
—SOME VERY IMPORTANT RULES—Since locations and cultures of Genshin are based off of places and people in the real world, we would like to ask that contributors and mods be sensitive to the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Please dm us or ask us for further clarification on this rule, as we would like to make this as safe and comfortable a place for everyone as possible!Finally, we DO NOT allow incest or depictions of underage romantic relationships in this zine! Canon typical violence will be reviewed and allowed up to the mod team’s discretion. Content that may be triggering will be subject to the same rules, and must come with a trigger warning.Contributors must be 18+ for both zines, in accordance with Paypal’s regulations and guidelines.